This is a great video by a fellow team member Glen.

I really enjoyed how he mentions "Don't be afraid"
because really, the reason most people don't do
anything in life is generally because they're afraid.

Afraid of what others might think of them but really,
when you stop thinking of what others think of you
and be yourself is when the magic happens!

Personally, I remember shooting videos for the first
time - I was terrified... Even though nobody was watching
I still felt as if I was being judged!

It takes a lot of courage to work towards your dreams,
thanks for sharing Glen, welcome to the Extreme Team.



P.S. - I know I've been a little quite from blogging
over the past few weeks, I've just been taking a
little bit of a break from blogging (my main focus
over the past 12 months has been blogging and
I've been focusing on different strategies)


Great Business

A brief story about Empower Network & myself.

I wish to tell everyone just how special this is & how it can really change your life. 


Enjoying the beautiful afternoon with Missy at the park!

Batman Arkham Origins iOS Review

I'm sure if you've been following my blog for a while you would have noticed that I love Batman.  Really, he is just the coolest hero around...

This morning I was very happy to see on the Batman Facebook page that there is actually a new Batman Arkham Origins game for the iOS (Ipad, Iphone).  What got me even more excited was that the Batman Arkham Origins iOS game is free!

Batman Arkham Origins iOS Review: First Impressions

My first thoughts of the Batman Arkham Origins iOS game was definitely a good one.  Open up the game brings up a great menu screen and short animation introducing the game.

Batman Arkham Origins iOS still follows the main villains as the console games, which are Blackmask and Deathstroke (plus a few classics too)

Batman Arkham Origins iOS Review Video

Because the game is on my iPad, it was a little tricky to record it with my phone!

He's an in-depth Batman Arkham Origins iOS review you can watch:

Batman Arkham Origins iOS Review : Console Game Unlockables

What I think is probably the coolest thing about Batman Arkham Origins iOS, is the fact that if you have a Warner Brother's account, you can actually unlock bonus content in the console versions of the game when they are released.  I really like how game developers are really expanding on the gamers experiences by doing things like this!

Are You Excited for the New Batman Arkham Origins Game?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!




Testing my new Stop Motion app

Tuneglue: Fun Music Website

I'm a huge fan of music and I am always looking for new and exciting bands to listen to.  This is why I am very glad that I found Tuneglue!

Tuneglue is a really awesome map family tree...

You simply type in a band and it comes up with a range of the most similar bands to your choice, check out my video example below.

Tuneglue Video:

What do you think of Tuneglue?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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